Presentation: Holistic EdTech & Diversity

Track: Socially Conscious Software

Location: Seacliff ABC

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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Software has become one of the most relied upon problem-solving tools. But like any tool, it's only as good as the problem solver. Antoine believes we need people who are experiencing life-altering problems (i.e., health, poverty, famines, mass incarceration, literacy, bullying, etc.) to help solve them. But of course, there needs to be a conscious effort to provide them with the tools and education needed to solve their own problems. This means we need to meet people where they are ethically, geographically, financially and most important, linguistically. 

Antoine will discuss how he is leveraging his unique experiences to help solve the problems of people with similar experiences.

Speaker: Antoine Patton

Holistic Tech Coach @unlockacademy


Antoine Patton was incarcerated at age 20 for 8 years. While in prison, he learned to code and taught his daughter after his release. They collaborated to build an app that allows families to freely send photos to their incarcerated loved ones -- Photo Patch. Since coming home from prison 4 years ago, Antoine has become a prolific entrepreneur, software engineer, and published author. He has vowed to "pay it forward" and teach 2020 Black and Brown people to code by the year 2020. He launched Unlock Academy, an online learning platform and community to do so.

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