Presentation: Goodbye View Source: Hello JavaScript in the Age of Compilers

Track: Pushing the Web Forward: JavaScript, Frameworks, Transpilers, and WebAssembly

Location: Pacific LMNO

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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With the introduction of ECMAScript 2015, came the widespread use of JavaScript compilers, and polyfills. This was never meant to be a permanent fixture in our workflows but rather a  stop-gap for those who wanted to write modern syntax. Fast forward to  2019, and modern web development often involves complex tooling for abstractions that require the use of multiple compiler extensions to support languages like TypeScript, or syntax extensions like JSX.

Consequently, our application bundles continue to grow with the rift between our source code and production output. The code we write is very different than what we ship to our users. What is the cost of this delta? Can we bridge the gap between the platform and the needs of modern web applications? Can we make more accessible, and performant web experiences for the millions of new web users and authors using low powered mobile devices?

Speaker: Amal Hussein

Senior Open Web Engineer @Bocoup


Amal is a Sr Open Web Engineer at Bocoup, where she brings her background as a web application developer and passion for automated testing to bear on conformance testing browsers for web platform interoperability. She has built complex web applications, traversed back-end, front-end and infrastructure management. 

Amal loves community and is a WomenTechMakers Ambassador,  lead organizer of GDG Cambridge and a co-host of the Web Platform Podcast. She also cares deeply about the open web platform and plans on using it to save the universe.

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