Speaker: Anil Kumar

Performance Architect for Scripting Languages Runtimes @intel

Anil is one of the earliest contributors to Java virtual machines GC, large pages, profiling etc. He has great experience in performance optimization as well as benchmarks development and standardization. He comes with an extensive industry network, being the Intel representative for 5 years in the JCP Executive Committee (Java Community Process) and a member in the SPEC committee where he chairs the OSGjava subcommittee, which owns the benchmarks SPECjms2007, SPECjvm2008, SPECjEnterprise2010, SPECjbb2015 and SPECjEnterprise2018 Web Profile. In addition to being a key player in SPEC (www.spec.org) with many well-known OEMs and enterprise companies, Anil has been one of the key architects for SPECjbb2005, SPECjvm2008, SPECpower_ssj2008 and SPECjbb2015 benchmarks as well as architect for workloads at https://github.com/Node-DC . Anil has delivered many talks at conferences like JavaOne and keynotes at SouJava Brazil, ICPE in Dresden, Node Summit 2017 and Node Interactive 2017. Currently he is also leading evaluation of data center scale end-to-end workloads and benchmarks. Anil In spare time, he loves mentoring young kids for STEM and judging science fairs in particularly for emerging trends in computers.

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Talk : Evolving the JVM

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