Speaker: Mark Stoodley

Eclipse OpenJ9 and OMR Project Lead @IBM

Mark Stoodley wrote his first compiler almost from scratch at the age of 16 after borrowing his older brother’s copy of the famous Dragon book. It wasn’t easy (and the result wasn’t really very good) but he was hooked. After more years of graduate work on optimizing compilers and computer architecture than he cares to remember, he joined IBM Canada to build Java Just In Time (JIT) compilers for production use and led the team that delivered Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation in the IBM SDK for Java 6 in 2007. Mark spent the last five years leading the effort to open source nearly 4.3 million lines of source code from the IBM J9 Java Virtual Machine to create the two open source projects Eclipse OMR and Eclipse OpenJ9, and now co-leads both projects. In his rare spare time, he works on a library called JitBuilder at Eclipse OMR that aims to make it easier than ever before for people to develop their own JIT compilers!

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