Speaker: Vidya Nagarajan

Heads Product Management for Identity-as-a-service product (Cloud Identity) @Google

Vidya Nagarajan heads product management for Google’s Identity-as-a-service product (Cloud Identity) in Google Cloud. She was responsible for consolidating Google's leadership with Chromebooks in the Education vertical through online assessments. She founded the area of  embedded ChromeOS platform with kiosk mode that powers dedicated/purpose-built devices such as kiosks, meeting room hardware and digital signs. She holds 2 patents for kiosk mode on ChromeOS.   Prior to this, Vidya founded the deployment services team at Google for managing GSuite migrations.  Vidya started her career in the Tech industry as an engineer.

Additionally, Vidya  runs a Holistic Lifestyle company (holisticinnovation.org) that aims to democratize access to mental wellbeing,  helps people grow and transform their lives. She earned her Bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering and a Master's degree in Business Administration.

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