Track: Optimizing Yourself: Human Skills for Individuals

Day of week: Wednesday

Becoming a better human isn't as easy as posting a question on Stack Overflow and it's definitely not a few lines of code that you can cut and paste into an IDE. There's real work that's involved in becoming a more engaged teammate, a thoughtful leader, or a more caring friend. Becoming aware of a brand new set of skills and perspectives to help you and the people around you grow is a great place to start.  

Our speakers will share insights and experiences across the realms of strategic thinking, inclusive protocols for teams, a ton of lessons learned, and of course: Empathy. Come join us on our journey to awesomeness and Get Optimized!

Track Host: Harry Brumleve

VP of Product and Technology @FixdRepair

Currently VP of Product and Technology at Fixd Repair, Harry Brumleve brings over 20 years of software engineering experience from around the globe. He's helped build solutions of all types: from the frivolous and fanciful to the life-saving and mission critical. His recent work focuses on helping people create rewarding cultures and deliver products that delight their customers.

Optimizing Yourself

Session details to follow soon.

Elizabeth Schneider, Senior .NET Developer at Speedy Geek

Six Things I've Learned as a Manager I Wish I Knew Before

I am a software developer with almost 15 years of experience. But I also was an engineering manager for 3+ years. And you know what? While being a manager I've learned some things I wish I knew in the beginning of my career. 

When you are a developer, it may seem that writing good code and building reliable architecture is the only thing you need to do if you want to succeed at work. However, it turns out that this is only a part of what makes one a good developer (and then senior, lead, principal etc.). This may be obscure to you at first, but if you get lucky and can take a manager's point of view for a while, the missing bits will reveal.

I was a manager, and recently I switched back to engineering. And I want to tell other engineers what they may change in their work to be more successful. This will be a talk full of personal stories about my own mistakes and achievements, with a grain of some valuable insights I've learned along the way.

Georgiy Mogelashvili, Lead Developer @bookingcom

5 Design Thinking Techniques to Spark Innovation and Grow Empathy

Session details to follow.

Sarah Shewell, Engineering Manager @GravityPymts


Monday, 11 November

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Next-gen architectures from the most admired companies in software, such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter, & more

  • Languages of Infrastructure

    This track explores languages being used to code the infrastructure. Expect practices on toolkits and languages like Cloudformation, Terraform, Python, Go, Rust, Erlang.

  • Building & Scaling High-Performing Teams

    To have a high-performing team, everybody on it has to feel and act like an owner. Organizational health and psychological safety are foundational underpinnings to support ownership.

  • Bare Knuckle Performance

    Killing latency and getting the most out of your hardware

  • Ethics, Regulation, Risk, and Compliance

    With so much uncertainty, how do you bulkhead your organization and technology choices? Learn strategies for dealing with uncertainty.

  • Software Supply Chain

    Life of a software artifact from commit to deployment. Security, observability and provenance of the software supply chain.

Tuesday, 12 November

Wednesday, 13 November