Track: Socially Conscious Software

Day of week: Tuesday

There is beautiful irony the phrase "Socially Conscious Software." Shouldn't all software be written with concern for its social and human implications? Evidently, this has not been the case. In the age of and AI everywhere, mass surveillance, predictive policing, “tech as a solution to everything”, and the severe implications on humanity, the question of who builds software and how is more critical than ever.

Can we imagine a world where "socially conscious software" is just software? Where technology that honors our collective humanity is the status quo rather than the outlier?  And how do we get there? Can we even dismantle the Master's house using the Master's tools? 

Hear from the radical technologists who are daring to imagine more just and hopeful futures in technology and join us in carrying them out.

Track Host: Alex Qin

Founder @codecooperative

Alex Qin is out here tryna get free. She cares about helping people fulfill the radical visions they have for themselves and the world while working towards more just and equitable futures. She has experience writing code, leading engineering teams, building communities, teaching, and advocating for underrepresented peoples in tech. These days, she spends her time learning, healing, giving love, and growing the Code Cooperative, a community of people who use and build technology to create life changing possibilities for individuals and communities impacted by incarceration.

Building A Gendered Dictionary

When Yeli first made the claim that 'language is sexist' she had no data to back it up. There was no dataset of gendered words to point to and say 'there see!' So, with no knowledge of data gathering or analysis she decided to make one herself. Her talk is about data -- where to get it and how to create it if it doesn’t exist. Using The Gendered Project (a library of gendered words) as a case study, she’ll take the audience through the process of creating a dataset using popular libraries for data analysis and processing in Python — NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), Panda, Gensim and techniques like regular expressions.

Omayeli Arenyeka, Software Engineer @LinkedIn

Socially Conscious Software

Session details to follow.

Antoine Patton, Holistic Tech Coach @unlockacademy


Monday, 11 November

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Tuesday, 12 November

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