Workshop: Performance Review From Scratch

Location: Marina

Duration: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • What you should and what you should NOT measure in the performance
  • What performance indicators could be
  • Practice in evaluating performance by evidence


Think of few things you think are important to measure in the engineers' performance.

Many people have heard of the performance review process - it's been around at Google and other big companies for over a decade. And even that there are a lot of articles and videos available about how that works, it's always hard to focus on right things when it comes to introducing performance review process at your organization.

At this workshop we will together:

  • Learn what performance review is (and what is not)
  • Will brainstorm few performance indicators (what and how) together in groups
  • Will practice in performance evaluation using fake (or not?) cases

Target audience: Team Leaders and/or Engineering managers, HR

Speaker: Georgiy Mogelashvili

Lead Developer @bookingcom

In his 10+ years experience, Georgiy had a chance to work for small local companies, country scale enterprises, non-profit organizations and international corporations.

Today Georgiy is working at, world's leading online travel agency. During his 5 years of experience there he changed different teams and roles. Starting as developer in upper funnel, later working as Team Leader in corporate travels segment, he is now working as Lead Developer and looks after tech in the marketing department.

In his spare time, Georgiy likes constructing Lego Technic creations, planespotting in airports around the world, and spending time with his wife and little daughter.

Find Georgiy Mogelashvili at

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