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Bias in BigData/AI and ML

We have always had big data. 80 years ago, big data was your grandparents 40 years ago big data was the library 20 years ago, big data was Lexis-Nexis, today big data is eating the world. Influencing how we shop, what news we see, and very soon, how we transact everything from credit default...

Leslie Miley Engineering Leadership, previously of Slack, Google, & Apple
Building Bots and Conversational AI

People are spending a lot of time on messaging and voice conversational mediums such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa, which have opened up for building bots. These bots are allowing services and businesses to connect with users on these conversational interfaces. Conversational bots...

Mitul Tiwari CTO @PassageAI
Making AI FaaSt

Bring AI and Serverless together and you create a new world in which what you thought you know about software may need to be adjusted. Developers transition from “micro-managers” - telling computers what to do step by step, into “teachers” - assisting computers in learning. The code alone...

Dragos Dascalita Haut Principal Engineer @Adobe
Akhilesh Kumar Senior Software Engineer AI/ML, Applied Machine Learning @Adobe
Building the Enchanted Land

Allen Newell, one of the founders of the field of artificial intelligence, once observed that "computer technology offers the possibility of incorporating intelligent behavior in all the nooks and crannies of our world. With it, we could build an enchanted land." Given recent advances in...

Grady Booch Co-Creator of UML & Chief Scientist for Software Engineering @IBMResearch

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