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Expedia’s Journey Toward Site Resiliency

Those coming from product-driven organizations—where product features are often prioritized over resiliency-related concerns—will understand how challenging it can be to convince teams to do resiliency work. In this presentation we’ll share Expedia’s resiliency journey, starting with...

Willie Wheeler Principal Application Engineer @Expedia
Sahar Samiei Senior Product Manager @Expedia
Whispers in the Chaos: Monitoring Weak Signals

The complexity of the socio-technical systems we engineer, operate, and exist within is staggering. Due to our daily interactions with and familiarity with our systems, the true gravity of this complexity can become easy to ignore. (And... let's face it, as a good coping strategy, too!) When...

J. Paul Reed Build/Release Engineering, DevOps, and Human Factors Consultant
Chaos Engineering with Containers

Chaos Engineering is the practice of running thoughtful planned experiments to reveal weakness in our systems. In this session, Ana discusses the benefits of using Chaos Engineering to inject failures in order to make your container infrastructure more reliable. She will also share how to improve...

Ana Medina Software Engineer @Gremlin
Chaos Architecture

Perfectly engineered resilient systems may be broken by confused operators when they behave differently in response to underlying failures. Highly available applications need to be resilient to failures in infrastructure, networks, applications and operators. Chaos engineering is needed to...

Adrian Cockcroft VP Cloud Architecture Strategy @AWSCloud & Microservices Pioneer
Chaos: The Last Stand Against Our Robot Overlords

As the complexity and criticality of our software systems is rapidly increasing; our ability and available methodologies to ensure their determinism and correctness are often nascent or sometimes even non-existent. We see the effects of this paradox as we advance the role and responsibility of...

Nathan Äschbacher


Dave Hahn Sr SRE, Reliability and Chaos Engineering @Netflix

Failure at Netflix Velocity

What do you do day-to-day?

The majority of our time is focused on education, training, and follow up with other teams. We help them with instrumentation, metrics, actionable alerts, and best practices. The focus is really education and preparation.

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