Past Presentations

Going Production with Docker and Swarm

Come learn the major decisions you need to make and some big lessons learned on the way to using Docker Swarm in production. This is an updated top-10 talk from DockerCon on the details of infrastructure and project planning for jumping from Docker for dev/test to a production cluster in the...

Bret Fisher DevOps / Cloud Engineer
Managing the Docker Change - Disrupt and Innovate

MetLife is a really big company, and you can imagine that the pace of change is not always fast. We took our first Docker platformed microservices-based application to production in 5 months. Docker and microservices allowed our development teams to create what once was, for us, inconceivable; a...

Tim Tyler Principal Solutions Engineer @MetLife
The ARM to Z of Multi-Architecture Microservices

The container ecosystem is now home to multiple architectures and operating systems. Working in the isolated environment of your project makes it easy to forget about those platforms you don't use. If we've learned anything from Open Source communities, it's that inclusiveness and cooperation...

Christy Norman Perez Software Developer @IBM
Christopher Jones Software Developer @IBM
Multi-host, Multi-network Persistent Containers

Containers are great vessels for your application’s ephemeral data, but what about the data that drives your business? It must survive containers coming and going, maintain its availability and reliability, and grow when you need it. In this talk, we will discuss strategies for working with...

Brian Bulkowski CTO and Co-Founder @Aerospike
The Highs and Lows of Stateful Containers

As modern organizations have rapidly embraced containers in recent years, stateful applications have proven tougher to transition into this brave new world than other workloads. When persistent state is involved, more is required both of the container orchestration system and of the stateful...

Alex Robinson Member of Technical Staff @CockroachDB, previously SWE @GCPcloud
Control Theory In Container Orchestration

Containers offer 2 central promises: software as encapsulated and reproducible units. A key corollary of those promises is the ability to schedule and manage containers automatically. This session aims to give attendees a solid understanding of leveraging or building container orchestration using...

Vallery Lancey Software Developer and Cloud Specialist @Checkfront


Alex Robinson Member of Technical Staff @CockroachDB, previously SWE @GCPcloud

The Highs and Lows of Stateful Containers

Tell me about the work that you do today.

I work on the open source CockroachDB database, the product itself, performance, stability of the core system, and then making sure it runs really well in all environments that users and customers want it. There are a lot of people trying to run it on Kubernetes, in a single cluster or across multiple regions. I've had a lot of...

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Vallery Lancey Software Developer and Cloud Specialist @Checkfront

Control Theory In Container Orchestration

Are you talking of automation systems control theory?

It's about applying control theory as an existing engineering rather than accidentally reinventing control theory when you're building automation. I'm going to introduce the fundamentals of control theory, the terminology, and I'll step through some increasingly complex cases in orchestration. Starting with something very simple, maybe...

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