Past Presentations

I Have a NoSQL Toaster

My toaster stores data without SQL and without tables. But making a choice based on what something doesn’t have isn’t terribly useful. “NoSQL” is an increasingly inaccurate catch-all term that covers a lot of different types of data storage. Let’s make more sense of this new breed of...

Nic Raboy Senior Developer Advocate @Couchbase
Multi-host, Multi-network Persistent Containers

Containers are great vessels for your application’s ephemeral data, but what about the data that drives your business? It must survive containers coming and going, maintain its availability and reliability, and grow when you need it. In this talk, we will discuss strategies for working with...

Brian Bulkowski CTO and Co-Founder @Aerospike
Making Session Stores More Intelligent

In this session, we will explore how to extend session stores beyond just persisting authentication. By centralizing the session state (potentially de-coupled from user records) in a database it is possible to provide user experience enhancements, deep analytics, notifications, and...

Kyle Davis Technical Marketing Manager @RedisLabs
YugaByte: Cloud-Native DB Converging SQL & NoSQL

Today’s public and private clouds are built to run cloud-native applications architected for shared-nothing, scale-out, commodity infrastructure that can fail often. They give enterprises easy access to a number of geo-distributed datacenters for increased availability and fault-tolerance but...

Karthik Ranganathan Co-Founder & CTO @YugaByte
Power of Graph Algorithms to Understand Your Data

Neo4j just released an open source library of graph algorithms that run directly in their open source graph database. These algorithms, callable from Cypher, enable clustering & community detection, centrality measurement, and more. Applying these algorithms, developers can create better...

Ryan Boyd Engineer & Head @DevRel
DevOps For The Database

Why is it hard to apply DevOps principles and practices to databases, and how can we get better at it? This talk explores real-life stories that answer these two questions, through the perspectives of teams that have changed the entrenched culture, processes, and tooling—and those who’ve...

Baron Schwartz CTO @VividCortex

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