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Kotlin: Write Once, Run (Actually) Everywhere

So there's this effort called Kotlin Multi-Platform, which is what this talk is about. It's taking this language that was built for a very specific purpose, and the realization that actually it can run on more than one platform, and there's this sentence that comes from Java which is, “write...

Jake Wharton Android Engineer @Google
Secrets at Planet-Scale: Engineering the Internal Google KMS

We propose to discuss Google’s internal key management system for cryptographic key material which is a critical part of Google's overall strategy for user data protection. The talk will cover the design choices and strategies that Google chose in order to build a highly reliable,...

Anvita Pandit Software Developer @Google
Streaming SQL Foundation: Why I ❤ Streams+Tables

What does it mean to execute robust streaming queries in SQL? What is the relationship of streaming queries to classic relational queries? Are streams and tables the same thing conceptually, or different? And how does all of this relate to the programmatic frameworks like we’re all familiar...

Tyler Akidau Engineer @Google & Founder/Committer on Apache Beam
Istio - Weaving the Service Mesh

With the rapid adoption of microservices, new tools are needed to load-balance, route, secure and monitor the traffic that flows between them. Istio provides a common networking, security, telemetry and policy substrate for services that we call a ‘Service-Mesh’. Come learn how the...

Louis Ryan Core Contributor Istio, gRPC, & Principal Engineer @Google
Rethinking Applications for the NVM Era

Storage looks and feels like a block device hidden behind layers of abstractions - system calls, pagecaches, block device drivers and things we don't want to think about. This might change in the near future with the introduction of CPU accessible, byte addressable, persistent memory. How would...

Amitabha Roy Software Engineer @Google
Kubernetes Superpower

  Kubernetes ( project is becoming the de-facto standard for managing containerized applications. Kubernetes is a success in part because of Google's commitment to making it a community led project. Building strong teams is very challenging, all the more so for an open source...

Sarah Novotny Head of Open Source Strategy for GCP @Google


Amitabha Roy Software Engineer @Google

Rethinking Applications for the NVM Era

What is your motivation for this talk?

So the focus of this talk is about how do you re-architect your software to take advantage of the advances of software today. Many developers treats the serialization of objects as sort of a separate process something that hangs off the side where the object is out of flat file or disk. But now if your object lives in persistent memory...

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