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The Why of Go

Come learn about Go through a time-travel historical lens perspective. What limits did we meet at the end of the 20th century that Go was developed for? In providing the historical context around the technical decisions of the language, you can better understand its concurrency primitives,...

Carmen Andoh Software Engineer on the Build Infrastructure team @TravisCI
Brewing Java Applications in Sigma Managed Clusters

In handling the largest online shopping event in the world, the emergence of large-scale software deployments in the data center has led to many challenges. We will cover two of them: (1) evaluating and estimating software performance at scale, and (2) optimizing software for resource management....

Kingsum Chow Chief Scientist, Java Technologies and Software Hardware Co-Optimization @AlibabaGroup
Herding Nulls and Other C# Stories From the Future

C# is evolving at a rather vigorous pace, aiming for new levels of expressiveness on many fronts. Let’s plant our feet firmly in the air for a bit and look at some of the places we think it’s headed: Finally reining in those pesky nulls, fighting back on callback hell for asynchronous...

Mads Torgersen Chief Language Designer of C# & Contributor to TypeScript, Visual Basic, Roslyn, LINQ
Kotlin: Write Once, Run (Actually) Everywhere

So there's this effort called Kotlin Multi-Platform, which is what this talk is about. It's taking this language that was built for a very specific purpose, and the realization that actually it can run on more than one platform, and there's this sentence that comes from Java which is, “write...

Jake Wharton Android Engineer @Google
[Cancelled] Rust: Systems Programming

Rust is an exciting new systems programming language that combines low-level control and predictability with the safety and ergonomics of a high-level language. Rust’s superpower is a set of concepts called “ownership” and “borrowing” which enable you to write exceptionally performant...

Without Boats Rust Contributor (Language & Cargo Team Member)
Go - A Key Language in Enterprise Application Development?

Go’s popularity in the last few years is hard to miss. It has jumped up in the Tiobe index and is holding steady.  The language has had a significant impact on the startup scene due to its simplicity, speed and enabling productivity in engineering teams. Large companies are starting to...

Aarti Parikh Engineering Manager @PayPal


Mads Torgersen Chief Language Designer of C# & Contributor to TypeScript, Visual Basic, Roslyn, LINQ

Herding Nulls and Other C# Stories From the Future

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Roman Elizarov Software Engineer Developing Kotlin @JetBrains

Fresh Async With Kotlin

What is the primary role that you have with Kotlin at JetBrains?

I'm currently leading the team of Kotlin libraries. We are working in close cooperation with Kotlin language team, the design, etc..

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Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank

Building a Reliable Cloud Based Bank in Java

When you selected Java to build a modern, cloud-based architecture for Starling, is it correct to say that you went for the guarantee of Java's longevity rather than for the rapid iteration cycle you might get from a smaller, more opinionated language?

Yes, absolutely. Our aim and focus are much more long-term than many startups, and because of that, we are prioritizing the aspect of reliability. This goes to the heart of my talk. We want to guarantee stability because we will be around in years to come.

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Christopher Woodruff Platform Strategist @QuickenLoans

Developing Great Web APIs Architectures w/ ASP.NET Core 2.1

What's the focus of the work that you do today?

Over the last five years, I've been busy getting solutions out to people. I work more on the backend doing API work, but that’s also meant I help mobile application and web application developers utilize the APIs I’m developing.

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Diane Hosfelt Research Engineer @mozilla

The Most Secure Program Is One That Doesn’t Exist

QCon: What’s the focus of the work you do today?

Diane: I am the security and privacy lead on the mixed reality team. The focus of my work is building a browser that provides a secure, immersive web experience. I also work very closely with the Rust team. I lead the formal verification effort which is determining how we leverage the unique properties of Rust to allow people to use...

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Laurie Voss Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @npmjs

npm and the Future of JavaScript

Can you tell me more about what your talk is about?

I'll talk more about server-side stuff, and I’ll emphasize Node. We've found that the security message is important to people, so there will be quite a bit there. There's been this huge shift in how JavaScript is used and enterprises are only just beginning to catch up to that. There are many people working on JavaScript, and they're...

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