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3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Designing Languages

When I first sat down to design a language I had a rough time.  I sat for months in front of a blank screen trying to invent, ex nihilo, a syntax that looked sufficiently different from anything I had ever seen. Isolation wasn’t working.  But every time I talked to someone about what...

Peter Alvaro Asst Professor @UCSC, Researching Data-Centric Languages/Analysis Techniques & Worked on Failure Injection Testing @Netflix
21st Century Languages Panel

Join track hosts Ashley Williams (Core Rust Team member) as she pulls together an interlanguage working group to discuss our software languages. There's no Golden Hammer come hear an active discussion on picking the right one for your use case! 

Ashley Williams Core Rust Team @RustLang
Jay Phelps Chief Software Architect @ThisDotMedia
Aarti Parikh Engineering Manager @PayPal
Diane Hosfelt Research Engineer @mozilla
Bryan Cantrill Co-Creator DTrace, Co-Founder Fishworks Sun Microsystems, & Currently CTO @Joyent

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