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Full-stack developer @Auth0 Ado Kukic

Modern Authentication Demystified

Director of Development @Parasoft Nathan Jakubiak

Efficient and Sustainable Unit Testing

Developer Advocate @couchbase Hod Greeley

Autonomous Microservices

Software developer @IBM, committer to Apache Bahir and contributor to Jupyter Enterprise Gateway Christian Kadner

Create a Fair & transparent AI Pipeline with AI Fairness 360

Cloud Platform Engineering Guild Leader @IBM Surya Duggirala

Journey of Scaling Enterprise Solutions on Cloud

CEO and co-founder @LightStepHQ, Co-creator @OpenTracing API standard Ben Sigelman

Grading Observability (Note: Not a Product Pitch!)

Director of Developer Evangelism @fauna Chris Anderson

Deterministic Global Database Consistency

MySQL Principal Sales Consultant Nicolas DeRico


Lead Developer @AzulSystems Ivan Krylov

Assisted Warmup with the Zing JVM

Co-founder and CTO @OverOps Tal Weiss

Continuous Reliability

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder @Kloudless Eliot Sun

Unified APIs and the Future of IPaaS