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Ballerina - Cloud Native Programming Language

Crazy customer demand has caused companies like Google and Amazon to build massively disaggregated architectures in order to scale. Massively disaggregated approaches like microservices, serverless, and APIs are becoming the norm for us all. These disaggregated components are network accessible...

Sameera Jayasoma Director, Platform Architecture @wso2
Grading Observability (Note: Not a Product Pitch!)

Nobody denies the importance of observability in modern production software: with microservices adding scale, concurrency, and frequent deploys, it’s getting harder and harder to answer even basic questions about application behavior. The conventional wisdom has been that metrics, logging and...

Ben Sigelman CEO and co-founder @LightStepHQ, Co-creator @OpenTracing API standard
Enabling ML with Apache Beam and Event Mesh

We'll talk about how you can enable cloud-based ML, fueled by events fired from across your enterprise (IoT, mobile devices, legacy apps, private cloud, public cloud), in real-time. We’ll introduce the concept of an event mesh (think service mesh for asynchronous, event-based interactions). And...

Ken Overton Sales Engineer @solacedotcom
Deterministic Global Database Consistency

Database concepts like linearizability and serializability sound abstract, but they can have real-world consequences. In this talk, we’ll look at consistency in the real world and how flaws can impact your applications. We’ll take a tour of FaunaDB’s globally consistent transaction pipeline...

Chris Anderson Director of Developer Evangelism @fauna
Observability: The Health of Every Request

A popular approach to monitoring looks at the health of systems and infrastructure components first and then the things that run inside of it. I'd like to offer a different perspective that it is the health of every request that truly matters. In this session, we'll explore what that means,...

Nathan LeClaire Senior Engineer
Fullstack Graph Applications With Neo4j

What do graph databases, GraphQL, geospatial data, and data science with graph algorithms have in common? The graph datamodel! Learn how to build a fullstack application using Neo4j leveraging these technologies. We'll cover all the pieces and show how they fit together, starting with an...

William Lyon Software Engineer @neo4j

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