Past Presentations

Understanding Python Memory at Instagram

Instagram server is one of the biggest Python deployments in the world to support more than 700M active users. At Instagram, the computing parallelism is based on multi-processing instead of threading. Memory utilization becomes critical in such model, i.e., with less memory per process, we are...

Min Ni Engineering Manager @Instagram
Assisted Warmup with the Zing JVM

Over the last 20 years of Java JIT compiler development, the focus has been on generating good throughput over the long run. The Zing VM is designed to eliminate most of the cold warmup time. In this talk Ivan will present three JIT compiler technologies that are designed to reach peak throughput...

Ivan Krylov Lead Developer @AzulSystems
Move Fast, Follow Everything & Focus on What Matters Most

AppDynamics automatically monitors every business transaction and directly understands the impact it’s having on your users and business in real time to deliver contextual, actionable, and unifying intelligence, allowing you to focus on what’s happening on the front lines - where the app and...

Jun Ding Senior Sales Engineer @AppDynamics
NDBench: Benchmarking Microservices at Scale

Netflix runs thousands of microservices to serve more than 100M users everyday. These services are backed by large fleet of data store instances running on the public cloud. It is nearly impossible to predict the traffic patterns imposed by our architecture upon our data stores. We needed a...

Ioannis Papapanagiotou Senior Software Engineer @Netflix
Vinay Chella Cloud Data Architect @Netflix
Monitoring and Tracing @Netflix Streaming Data Infrastructure

Netflix streaming data infrastructure transports trillions of events per day and supports hundreds of streaming processing jobs. The team behind it is small and there is no separate operations team. To efficiently manage and operate this huge infrastructure and reduce operational burden for...

Allen Wang Architect & Engineer in Real Time Data Infrastructure Team @Netflix


Daniel Lemire Professor and Department Chair @TELUQ - Université du Québec

Parsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned

What is the work you're doing today?

I work on software performance from what I call a data engineering point of view. These are the kind of problems that interest me. You start with large volumes of data and processing the data itself is the bottleneck or indexing the data or crunching it or whatever you want to do with the data. 

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Brian Martin Software Developer @Twitter

High Resolution Performance Telemetry at Scale

What's the goal of the talk?

We're going to talk about the challenges of measuring performance at scale especially in a distributed microservice architecture. A web request is hundreds of milliseconds. Having a lot of traditional telemetry collection happens at much coarser time scales and a lot of that is due to the cost of aggregation and processing those...

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Sergey Kuksenko Java Performance Engineer @Oracle

Asynchronous API With CompletableFuture

What do you do day-to-day?

Making things faster is my primary goal. Not only by measuring not only providing some performance guidance, but also working on different projects.

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Ben Watson Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft focused on High-Performance .NET

You Can Build a World-Class Search Engine in .NET

What have you been up to since last time you were at QCon?

I still work a lot on performance and detail .NET stuff but my focus switched towards teaching others and getting other people on board with high performance .NET and techniques that we use to debug and and to improve performance.

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Marius Pirvu Advisory Software Developer @IBM

Performance Beyond Throughput:An OpenJ9 Case Study

What is the focus of your work today?

For the past 14 years I've been working on Java JIT compiler development at IBM. However, I am not your typical compiler guy because I don't focus that much on code generator or optimizer. Instead I deal with heuristics that determine what methods to compile, when to compile them and how much to optimize them. With Java, and any other...

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Jordan Sitkin Software Engineer @coinbase Luke Demi Software Engineer @coinbase

Capacity Planning for Crypto Mania

What's the focus of the work that you do today?

Jordan: We’re on the Reliability Team at Coinbase. It was formed in response to the crazy spike of scaling challenges around 2017 with Cryptocurrency. The work is focused on traditional SRE topics of monitoring and instrumentation. We act as consultants for other mostly feature-focused teams. For example, we embed in teams to make...

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