Past Presentations

Kotlin: Write Once, Run (Actually) Everywhere

So there's this effort called Kotlin Multi-Platform, which is what this talk is about. It's taking this language that was built for a very specific purpose, and the realization that actually it can run on more than one platform, and there's this sentence that comes from Java which is, “write...

Jake Wharton Android Engineer @Google
CLR/CoreCLR: How We Got Here & Where We're Going

Let's chat about the work the CLR/CoreCLR team has been doing to move .NET development forward. Then we'll discuss what the future looks like for developers working with the CLR and CoreCLR. TLDR; The future is pretty bright.

Mei-Chin Tsai Principal Dev Manager for .NET Language and Runtime @Microsoft
Jared Parsons Principal Developer Lead on C# Language Team @Microsoft
The JDK in 2018: What's Here, and What's Next

JDK 11 was released in September 2018, six months after JDK 10 and a year after JDK 9. This talk will walk you through the modular Java platform introduced in JDK 9, and explain how it enabled further evolution in JDK 10 and 11. We'll look at new Java language features that enhance productivity...

Alex Buckley Spec Lead, Java Language @Oracle
Understand the Trade-Offs Using Compilers for Java Applications

The Java ecosystem has perhaps the most rich variety of native code compilation technologies of any language on the planet. We have Just In Time (JIT) compilers aggressively profiling and speculating on the state of a running program. There are Ahead of Time (AOT) compilers that generate code...

Mark Stoodley Eclipse OpenJ9 and OMR Project Lead @IBM
Java 8 LTS to the Latest - a Performance & Responsiveness Prospective

If you are wondering as what Java JDK 8u LTS to JDK 11u LTS transition can do to your production deployment for performance and responsiveness, this talk is your perfect opportunity! Java runtimes are at the core of any business enterprise in cloud or on-prem and this track at QConSF plans to...

Monica Beckwith Java Champion, First Lego League Coach, passionate about JVM Performance @Microsoft
Anil Kumar Datacenter Performance Architect @Intel
Life After 8

New Java releases are coming faster than ever now that we are well into the six-month release cadence. The number of new features and APIs in each version is less than we’re used to, but the overall rate of change is faster than ever.In this session, we’ll look at the realities of...

Gil Tene CTO @AzulSystems

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