Track Host: Julie Qiu

Uber Tech Lead, Google Cloud SDK @Google

Currently, I’m the Uber Tech Lead for the Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK). We build end-to-end developer experiences to make it easy for different language ecosystems to interact with Google Cloud products. This year, my focus is on empowering Cloud developers to build applications using Generative AI.

Prior to my adventures in Cloud, I led the Go Security team. Our mission was to make Go the best programming language for building secure and reliable software. Before that I was the tech lead for the Go Web and Discovery team and led the development of .

Before joining Google, I was the engineering manager for the Catalog team at Spring, an e-commerce marketplace which has since been acquired by ShopRunner.

I am proud to have never graduated from the Recurse Center.

I find immense joy in supporting rising technical technical leaders in building confidence and discovering joy in their day-to-day work. I believe that by empowering each other, we can all better build software that makes life better for everyone.

Find Julie Qiu at:


Programming Languages and Paradigms for the Next Decade

This track offers a deep dive into innovative programming languages, language features, cutting-edge programming models, and paradigm shifts that aid in making code more efficient, safe, and maintainable


Tuesday Nov 19 / 10:35AM PST