Track Host: Susan Shu Chang

She / her / hers

Principal Data Scientist @Elastic, Author of "Machine Learning Interviews"

Susan Shu Chang is a principal data scientist at Elastic, which powers search around the world. Previously, she built machine learning at scale in the fintech, social, and telecom industries. She is the author of Machine Learning Interviews, published by O’Reilly.

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AI and ML for Software Engineers: Foundational Insights

Machine Learning (ML) and AI play a key role in modern software, and powers much of what we see and interact with. Each talk in this track covers a foundational area of ML, along with real-life use cases. Attendees will learn how ML works behind-the-scenes with software systems, as well as about tools, platforms, and algorithms that make up the discipline.


Monday Nov 18 / 10:35AM PST