Convince your Boss

Want to attend QCon San Francisco 2017….but need some tips as to how to justify your participation at this important event? We have developed a template email below, to assist you in making your case. Edit as you see fit – we hope to see you in November!


Dear (NAME),

I would like your approval to attend QCon San Francisco, taking place November 13 – 15, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.

QCon is a community-driven international software conference with over 140 speakers and hundreds of influential, inspiring attendees and speakers who are bringing new ideas, driving innovation, and adopting new technology inside their companies. QCon features independent and unbiased content, techniques, and technologies that drive software development forward. Participating in QCon will give me direct access to cases and practical experience in technologies we use on a daily basis - or intend to adopt in the future. 


  • There are 18 editorial tracks across 3 days, comprised of 144 sessions from which I can select content;

  • 140+ expert practitioner speakers from places like Uber, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Twitter were curated and handpicked by a committee of top engineering thought leaders;

  • In addition to the three days of technical content, QCon offers two additional days of deep, real-world workshops;

  • Video recording for most sessions is included and as an attendee, I have access to the recordings within days of the conference

  • I will have access to first-hand information on the most relevant technologies, in addition to knowing how other companies are using languages and architectures in the best way. This will facilitate our adoption of these techniques and technologies;

  • While attending I will also have the opportunity to meet and network with my most important peers in the industry.

You can find more details about the event here and watch the videos of previous QCons here.

If I am able to attend QCon, I would then like to present a summary of my experience, recommendations and findings to our team.

Thank you for your consideration!