Speaker: Amitai Stern

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OpenSearch PMC, Managing Observability Data Storage of Petabyte Scale @Logz.io

Amitai Stern is a software engineer, the team lead of the Telemetry Storage squad at Logz.io, and a PMC member of the OpenSearch project. Amitai works on Big data, observability, and SaaS projects. He is a contributor to the OpenSearch open-source project and has led the successful initiative at Logz.io to upgrade to OpenSearch, and reduce costs in managing petabytes of customer data.

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OpenSearch Cluster Topologies for Cost-Saving Autoscaling

The indexing rates of many clusters follow some sort of fluctuating pattern - be it day/night, weekday/weekend, or any sort of duality when the cluster changes from being active to less active.  In these cases how does one scale the cluster?

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