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Engineering Engineering Culture With Memes

You can’t impose culture on a team, but you can induce it. Have you ever noticed that when you work with the same group of people for a while, everyone starts to use similar phrases, metaphors, and jokes? Those are legit memes: self-replicating concepts that form the building blocks of belief...

Bruce Johnson Founder and COO @FullStory
Scaling Culture Change With Ally Skills

Ally skills are ways people with more power and privilege can support people with less. Building and rewarding ally skills is crucial to building an inclusive engineering culture. Without them, the responsibility for fixing bias and discrimination in your culture falls to people with the least...

Valerie Aurora Software Engineer & Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Kubernetes Superpower

  Kubernetes ( project is becoming the de-facto standard for managing containerized applications. Kubernetes is a success in part because of Google's commitment to making it a community led project. Building strong teams is very challenging, all the more so for an open source...

Sarah Novotny Head of Open Source Strategy for GCP @Google
Diversity & Inclusion in Tech: A Panel Discussion

Moderated by Karen Casella, Engineering Leader @Netflix Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is an important topic in our industry, especially in light of changing demographics, globalization, and the competition for talent. Join industry leaders as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of...

Karen Catlin Advocate for Women in Tech, Former VP OF Eng, Adobe
Karen Casella Director of Engineering @Netflix, previously leading architecture teams @eBay & @Sun
Randy Shoup Engineering Leader, Previously @StitchFix @Google & @Ebay
Susan Nesbitt Head of Business Development @ Make School
Steve Johnson Vice President of Product Design & Creative @Netflix
High Performing Teams Act Like Owners

Managers often ask engineers to “act like owners” or “show great ownership.” What does this even mean? How can you act on something that isn’t well defined? You’re an engineer, after all. Maybe it’s just code for your manager wanting you to work nights...

Katharina Probst Senior Engineering Leader, Kubernetes & SaaS @Google
The Second Act

In order to be a historic company, you need your culture to evolve.

Michael Lopp VP of Engineering @Slack


Bruce Johnson Founder and COO @FullStory

Engineering Engineering Culture With Memes

What’s the focus of your work today?

I'm co-founder and COO of FullStory in Atlanta.

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