Frequently Asked Questions

Why is QCon a conference for practitioners by practitioners?

At QCon, we prefer Engineers over Evangelists, Practitioners over Trainers/Coaches, and Team Leads over Consultants. That is not to say we don't find value on the people on the right, we just prefer those on the left. This simple mantra guides our editorial content. We want to hear from the people who are living with decisions and implementations. This is core to what makes QCon QCon.

What is a track?

There are 15 primary themes at QCon. Each of the major themes is organized into what we call tracks. A track represents five curated talks and one panel. All of the sessions are led by domain experts who guide the selection process. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is separated from the main editorial tracks and labeled as sponsored. These are separate from the 15 editorial tracks at QCon. You will never find sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.

What are the discounts available?

Groups as small as 3 attendees working for the same company are eligible for a group discount. 

We also offer our returning QCon and QCon Plus attendees an alumni discount.

For more details and to apply for a discount code, please contact and mention the size of a group or the alumni name(s). Discounts cannot be combined or applied retroactively. 

Please note, discounts are not available on any order until May 3rd, 2022. Prior to this time, no discounts can be applied.

Can I transfer my registration to another attendee?

If you can no longer attend QCon, you can transfer a registration for the same conference to another person.

Transfers can be requested at no fee until Friday, October 21st, 2022.

You can request a transfer by emailing with the following details for the new attendee: full name, email, phone number, and position.

Can I share my badge with my colleagues?

No, badge sharing is not allowed at QCon.

What do you mean by "no hidden marketing"?

Outside of the main 15 tracks, QCon will offer additional sponsored tracks. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is separated from the main editorial tracks and labeled as sponsored. These are separate from the 15 editorial tracks at QCon. One of the core tenants of QCon is transparency, you will never find sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.

Can I get an invitation letter for a visa application or border control?

We are happy to assist you with an invitation letter. In order to do so, please email us the following information at

  • Full name (as on passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Company name 
  • Position 
  • Date of employment with current company 
  • Nationality
  • City and country of residence (where will you return after QCon)
  • Travel dates to San Francisco (if known)
  • If you have been to San Francisco before and if so, on what dates

Note: we encourage you to apply for a visa before buying a conference ticket as we will not refund your registration fee if your visa application is turned down.

Diversity and Inclusion

At QCon, we want to foster an environment that is both diverse and inclusive. The ideas and thoughts generated within a diverse group tend to be more innovative and thought provoking. This atmosphere characterizes the very essence of QCon.

Some of the things we are doing at QCon SF to make the environment more inclusive include:
Enforced Code of Conduct
Family area
Nursing room
Non-binary bathrooms
Prayer room
Quiet area
Childcare stipend
Diversity Scholarships Program

If there is something that would make you feel more welcome or that you feel we’re missing at the conference, or that you would like more information on, please let us know at

Is there a call for papers?

We do not have a formal CFP and usually directly invite our speakers, however, we do have a submission form for spontaneous submissions.

No-Risk Purchase

Conference registration fees are non-refundable. However, if for some reason you can no longer attend QCon San Francisco 2022, you have 2 options to still make use of the ticket:

  • Transfer: You can transfer your QCon San Francisco 2022 ticket to another person until Friday, October 21st, 2022 (transfer fee is waived). Email to request the transfer.
  • Exchange: You can exchange your QCon San Francisco 2022 ticket for a QCon Plus November 2022 ticket (online conference), as long as you did not pick up your QCon SF 2022 badge by noon on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022. The Exchange is a 1:1 exchange. Email before noon (PST) on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 to request the exchange.

It is the responsibility of the transfer-giver to make sure that the transfer recipient receives and agrees to the QCon San Francisco Terms of Participation, is fully informed about the requirements of attending QCon San Francisco 2022, including but not limited to vaccine and other health-related requirements. Failure of the transfer recipient being made aware of or agreeing to the QCon San Francisco Terms of Participation will not be a reason for a refund.

Workshop Refund Guarantee Policy

Workshops are refundable through Monday, August 1st, 2022.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Code of conduct

We expect all participants to follow our Code of Conduct to ensure that all QCon participants can enjoy a safe and productive environment. Please review our code of conduct before the conference.