Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you say practitioners?

At QCon, we prefer Engineers over Evangelists, Practicitioners over Trainers/Coaches, and Team Leads over Consultants. That is not to say we don't find value on the people on the right, we just prefer those on the left. This simple mantra guides our editorial content. We want to hear from the people who are living with decisions and implementations. This is core to what makes QCon QCon.

Is there a call for papers?

At QCon, we don't have a Call For Papers. Instead, we go to the extra effort to have a domain expert curate every track at the conference. This means every one of the 18 tracks at the conference takes an intentionally opinionated view of the topic. You will not hear multiple talks covering the same thing from different angles. Instead, each track is put together to cover all aspects of the topic in software. While we have no call for papers, you're welcome to submit spontaneous submissions. The talks are reviewed by our chair and passed along to our hosts on an as needed basis.

Where is the rest of the speakers?

QCon is a direct invite conference. That means every talk we select is individually selected. Our process starts by selecting a track host (or domain expert in a topic) and then (working with our committee) we individually source all speakers and talks. That means we don't issue a call for papers and select the best talks at the time. We actively search for the talks at QCon and curate it with a domain expert in the field. The schedule takes longer to finalize. If you like to see what a QCon looks like, take a look at last year's schedule or one of our other conferences. If you do, we think you'll agree it's worth the wait.

What is a track?

There are 18 primary themes at QCon. Each of the major themes is organized into what we call tracks. A track represents five curated talks and one experiential talk/workshop/peer sharing session. All of the sessions are led by domain experts who guide the selection process. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is separated from the main editorial tracks and labeled as sponsored. These are separate from the 18 editorial tracks at QCon. You will never find sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.

What do you mean no hidden marketing?

Outside of the main 18 tracks, QCon will offer additional sponsored tracks. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is separated from the main editorial tracks and labeled as sponsored. These are separate from the 18 editorial tracks at QCon. One of the core tenants of QCon is transparency, you will never find sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.

How do I get a group discount?

We do offer discounts for groups as small as 3 attendees, please refer to the registration page to know the date on which discounts are available. Email with the number of attendees you would like to register, we will send you your custom promo code. You will be able to register as a group or individually with the code.

Is there any discount for returning attendees (alumni)?

We offer $130 off of a QCon SF conference ticket to returning SF attendees as a thank you for their loyalty. Please refer to the registration page to know the date on which discounts are available.

Are there any discounts for non-profit companies or students?

We do not offer any discount for non profit companies or students at the moment.

Can I transfer my registration to another attendee?

If you can no longer attend QCon, you can transfer your registration to another person if you contact by October 25th 2019 with the following details for the new participant: first name, last name, email, position, company and phone number.

Can I share my badge with my colleagues?

No, badge sharing is not allowed at QCon.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

We Do Not Offer Refunds. Once paid, registration fees for QCon are non-refundable.

What does video access cost?

Nothing outside of a conference pass. We make video recording available to all editorial speakers. If the speaker allows us to record their session, we make that video available to you within 24-72 hours of the talk. It's made available to and the general public over the following 90-120 days. There is no upcharge for videos at QCon.

Is breakfast and lunch included?

A light continental breakfast is included as well as a buffet lunch with vegan /vegetarian /gluten-free /dairy-free options.

Can I get an invitation letter for a visa application or border control?

Please email us the following information at Full name as on passport, company name, city of residence and position. Note that we encourage you to apply for a visa before buying a conference ticket as we will not refund your registration fee if your visa application is turned down.

What are the different workshops that you offer?

We offer three types of workshops/trainings. 1). full-day "workshops", 2). half-day "workshops" and 3). 2-day "trainings".

Workshops are purchased in full-day increments. If you buy 1 full-day workshop, you can later select either a one 1-day class or two 1/2 day classes. Please remember that you have to select specific workshops before the conference and you have to be on the class list of the workshop(s) you want to attend. We will send you an email, once selections are open (6-8 weeks before the conference). If you want to select two 1/2 day workshops, they have to be on the same day (one in the morning & one in the afternoon).

"Trainings" are specific, named 2-day workshops offered by highly rated, professional trainers. You buy these trainings on the QCon registration page as a specific ticket-type. As a result, the 2-day trainings cannot be exchanged for 2 days of other QCon workshops and vice-versa. When you purchase a "Training", you buy a ticket to that specific class.

How do I select my workshop(s)?

If you purchased a ticket including workshops, you will receive an email with your access code to login on the QCon website and pick your workshops online, about 6 weeks prior to the conference. You need to pick your workshops ASAP to secure your seat as workshops have limited availability and selections are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check your spams if you can't find the email from

Can I pick 2 half-day workshops on a different day?

No, if you purchase one day of workshop(s), you can either attend on Thursday or Friday. You can’t select a half-day workshop on Thursday and a half-day workshop on Friday.

What are the schedule phases?

Because each of our tracks are curated by a track hosts, our schedules take longer. The schedule phases show how the schedule evolves. It starts with phase 1. In this phase, we are selecting the topics and track hosts for QCon. Phase 2 is determining what day each track will be on. Phase 3 is a partial schedule when 50% of the content is available. The final phase is Phase 4 when we are "content complete." You will see all of these stages as the content comes in. Content complete often occurs about one month prior to the start of the conference.

Schedule phases

What does QCon do to support diversity and inclusion?

At QCon, we want to foster an environment that is both diverse and inclusive.

The ideas and thoughts generated within a diverse group tend to be more innovative and thought provoking. This atmosphere characterizes the very essence of QCon.

Some of the things we are doing at QCon San Francisco to make the environment more inclusive include:

  • Enforced Code of Conduct
  • Family/mother’s room
  • Non-binary bathrooms
  • Childcare stipend
  • Prayer room
  • Service dog area
  • Quiet Area

If there is something that would make you feel more welcome, you feel we’re missing at the conference, or would like more information on, please let us know at