Convince your boss


We would like your approval to attend QCon San Francisco (October 24-28 2022). 

QCon San Francisco 2022 is a global conference over 3 days for software engineers, architects, and team leaders. We would find value in attending this year as the conference covers a wide range of relevant software engineering and leadership topics related to our work.

Unlike sponsor-led conferences showcasing their technology, QCon San Francisco focuses on emerging software trends and innovations with all talks by software domain experts. QCon has been around for over 17 years. We see many leading software leaders single out QCon for its practitioner focus, quality talks and actionable insights. 

Our reason for wanting to attend is to better understand which technologies, patterns and practices will directly help us with [insert project, personal development goal, or business goal]. We will learn from companies driving innovation and change in our industry that can reduce our risk and identify new areas for increasing customer value. This year there will be 800+ attendees that we can connect with and learn how they are solving similar challenges.

Attending the conference creates time for us to get together to consider what we’ve learned each day. We will use this to create a plan on how we might apply these insights to tackle our projects. We will share these with you and the rest of the team so we can align on our next steps.

We’ve looked into the costs for us to attend and broken them down below:

  • Event registration: $
  • Airfare / travel: $
  • Hotel: $
  • Expenses for meals: $
  • Total: $

QCon offers early bird pricing on tickets, so the earlier we can register, the cheaper the event registration cost will be.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. We see this event as an investment in our development and improving the impact we can make. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail if needed.