Topic: Fastly



  • 21st Century Languages

    Compile to Native, Microservices, Machine learning... tailor-made languages solving modern challenges

  • Architecting for Failure

    Lessons on creating scalable and reliable systems that are resilient to failure.

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Architectural practices from the world's most well known properties.

  • Beyond Being an Individual Contributor

    Beyond being an individual contributor. Building and Evolving managers and tech leadership.

  • Beyond Docker: Container Technologies

    Containers are not just a techology. It's a platform. Push your knowledge.

  • Culture as a Differentiator (or Building Great Engineering Cultures)

    Evolving the org's tech stack and culture together.

  • DevOps: You Build It, You Run It

    Pushing DevOps beyond adoption into cultural change.

  • Evolving Java

    At well over 20 years old, Java continues to evolve & change. Learn more on JDK9, Jigsaw, Event Sourcing, & G1GC.

  • Hardware Frontiers: Hardware Changes Affecting Software Developers Today

    Quantum computing, NVRAM, SMR, GPU, Augmented Reality.

  • Microservices: Patterns and Practices

    Stories of success and failure building modern Microservices, including event sourcing, reactive, decomposition, & more.

  • Modern CS in the Real World

    Applied trends in Computer Science that are likely to affect Software Engineers today.

  • Performance Mythbusting

    Real world, applied performance proofs.

  • Practical ML Applications

    Applied commoditization of Machine Learning today, including ANN, Deep Learning, & Semi-Supervised/Unsupervised Learning.

  • Security: Attacking and Defending

    Talks focused on Red and Blue teaming.

  • Serverless Warstories

    Deep dive into the patterns and use cases of serverless architectures today.

  • Stream Processing (Applications of Near-Real Time)

    Dataflow, Spark, Flink, & other near real-time solutions powering data pipelines today.

  • The Whole Engineer

    Success as an engineer is more than writing code.

  • Web as Platform

    All things Browser, from JavaScript Frameworks to Web Assembly.