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Data Decisions With Realtime Stream Processing

At Facebook, we can move fast and iterate because of our ability to make data-driven decisions. Data from our stream processing systems provide real-time data analytics and insights; the system is also implemented into various Facebook products, which have to aggregate data from many sources. In...

Serhat Yilmaz Software Engineer @Facebook
Solving HTTP Problems With Code and Protocols

The networks which carry websites and app content is constantly changing; and not many of us know how. In the last few years most of our content has moved to being provided over HTTP, but in doing this internet engineers found out that HTTP is too old and clunky for today’s internet content....

Natasha Rooney W3C Advisory Board, Stack Evolution Board IETA, & Engineering Director @GSMA
Building Resilience in Production Migrations

How do you migrate stateful systems with confidence? Especially when downtime is not an option? Netflix Billing Infrastructure needs to be up 24/7 to support 130+ million global customers. Billing services are the source of truth for a customer’s billing state which changes as customers...

Sangeeta Handa Engineering Manager, Billing Infrastructure @Netflix
Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation

Data-driven businesses can no longer treat privacy as strictly a legal compliance-focused discipline. In a post-GDPR world, privacy needs an engineering focus to ensure it is actionable, enforceable and scalable. This talk will discuss how you can set up a privacy architecture to build in...

Nishant Bhajaria Author, Privacy and Security Leader, Digital Product Architect @Uber
Models in Minutes not Months: AI as Microservices

Companies are redefining their businesses by building models and learning from data. Whether it is using data science to predict their best sales and marketing targets, automating digital customer interactions using bots, or reducing waste in logistics and manufacturing - Artificial Intelligence...

Sarah Aerni Senior Manager, Data Science @Salesforce
Servlet vs Reactive: Choosing the Right Stack

When Netflix upgraded their main gateway, serving 83 million users, from Servlet based, blocking Zuul 1 to the Netty based, non-blocking Zuul 2, the results were interesting and nuanced with benefits and trade-offs. Spring Framework 5 provides a similar choice with Servlet based Spring MVC...

Rossen Stoyanchev Spring Framework Committer @Pivotal


Mads Torgersen Chief Language Designer of C# & Contributor to TypeScript, Visual Basic, Roslyn, LINQ

Herding Nulls and Other C# Stories From the Future

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Ville Tuulos Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer @Netflix

Human-Centric Machine Learning Infrastructure @Netflix

Can you give an example of some of the questions you get from data scientists when you are trying to deploy models?

When it comes to common questions, as boring as it may sound, my experience is that machine learning infrastructure is much more about data than science. Most questions we get are related to data: how do I find the data I need, how do I set up the data pipeline, how do I handle the somewhat non-trivial amounts of data in python and R,...

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Robert Zuber CTO @CircleCI

Evolutionary Architecture as Product @ CircleCI

What are your goals for the talk?

The goal of the talk is to impress upon people the relationship between their industry and the product they're offering, and the way in which they choose to build their software. As we grow as engineers and leaders, there becomes a stronger connection between the work that we do every day from a technical perspective and the...

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Szczepan Faber Mockito Creator, Core Eng Gradle 1.x/2.x, & TechLead @LinkedIn Development Tools

CI/CD: Lessons from LinkedIn and Mockito

What is your motivation for this talk?

In the open source and in the enterprise continuous delivery is not yet adopted as widely as it should given how it helps with productivity. I hope engineering teams will experiment more with continuous delivery and try to push themselves to go into that model.

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Justin Basilico Machine Learning Research/Engineering Director @Netflix

Artwork Personalization @Netflix

What work do you do at Netflix?

I lead one of the Machine Learning and Recommendation teams at Netflix. We're responsible for the end-to-end machine learning that decides what shows up on the Netflix homepage across all our different experiences. When you log into Netflix, my team is responsible for what rows of TV shows and movies you see on the homepage. We select...

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Alina Yurenko Developer Advocate for GraalVM @Oracle

JIT vs AOT Performance With GraalVM

What are the goals you have for the talk?

I want to offer an additional point of view on performance. Performance is something people often talk about but often focus on one or two metrics, and there might be more ways to look at it, and additional opportunities to optimize. We will go through some additional metrics, discuss how they are connected, and how you can optimize...

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