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Engineering Leader @Netflix Vasily Vlasov

Evolution of Edge @Netflix

Engineering Manager @Netflix in Cloud Infrastructure Aaron Blohowiak

Mistakes and Discoveries While Cultivating Ownership

Architect & Engineer in Real Time Data Infrastructure Team @Netflix Allen Wang

Monitoring and Tracing @Netflix Streaming Data Infrastructure

Distinguished Engineer @WePay Chris Riccomini

Future of Data Engineering

CEO/Cofounder @darklang Ellen Chisa

Coding without Complexity

Holistic Tech Coach @unlockacademy Antoine Patton

Holistic EdTech & Diversity

Senior Software Engineer in Product Edge Access Services Team @Netflix Satyajit Thadeshwar

User & Device Identity for Microservices @ Netflix Scale

Program Manager on the Azure DevOps Engineering Team @Microsoft Sasha Rosenbaum

CI/CD for Machine Learning

Director of Engineering @GravityPymts Sarah Shewell

5 Simple Tools to Unlock Innovation

Research Engineer in Machine Learning @cloudera Victor Dibia

ML in the Browser: Interactive Experiences with Tensorflow.js

Principal Technology Consultant @ThoughtWorks Zhamak Dehghani

Data Mesh Paradigm Shift in Data Platform Architecture

Playback Edge Engineering @Netflix Justin Ryan

Scaling Patterns for Netflix's Edge

Developer Advocate for GraalVM @Oracle Alina Yurenko

JIT vs AOT Performance With GraalVM

Professor and Department Chair @TELUQ - Université du Québec Daniel Lemire

Parsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned

Author, Privacy and Security Leader, Digital Product Architect @Uber Nishant Bhajaria

Privacy Architecture for Data-Driven Innovation

Sr. Security Engineer, Detection Engineering Lead @Netflix Markus De Shon

Quantifying Risk

Front-end Developer & User-experience Designer @Firstversionist Kilian Valkhof

Make Your Electron App Feel at Home Everywhere


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