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Asynchronous API With CompletableFuture

Since Java 8, CompletableFuture has enabled asynchronous, future-based programming in Java and is one of the most powerful features suitable for creating asynchronous APIs. This presentation, based on real project experience, goes beyond the CompletableFuture public API. It reveals internal...

Sergey Kuksenko Java Performance Engineer @Oracle
Grokking Leadership Via Mentoring

Management and leadership are not about doing great work ourselves, but empowering others to do the same. The best leaders understand what makes their charges tick, not just as engineers, but as people. But how do we know we're ready to take that next step, and be successful in leading and...

Ivana Mcconnell UX Design @CustomerIO. Editorial assistant @OffscreenMag, Runs @FacetsDigest &
Serverless and Chatbots: A Match Made in the Cloud

The Internet tutorials promised that building a chatbot was simple, and that the magic of Serverless would make it even simpler. And it was true. But it turns out that the simple runs out very quick. By the time I discovered this I was already hooked on both Conversational AI and...

Gillian Armstrong Cognitive Technologies @Liberty_IT
CI/CD for Machine Learning

Machine Learning is now widely used across our industry, yet we have very limited tooling when it comes to automating the ML model versioning, testing, and release. We will show how a CI/CD pipeline for ML can greatly improve both your productivity and the reliability of your software.

Sasha Rosenbaum Program Manager on the Azure DevOps Engineering Team @Microsoft
You Can Build a World-Class Search Engine in .NET

Microsoft's online services, especially Bing, are some of most important proving grounds for running .Net in large-scale, highly available systems. The platform that underlies Bing also runs significant online functionality for Cortana, Office, Xbox, Windows and more. When deciding how to build...

Ben Watson Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft focused on High-Performance .NET
Vision & Strategy - Epiphanies of a Netflix Leader

New managers are reactive tacticians by default. Product managers drive requirements and due dates. Technical migrations, operational emergencies, and support requests form a maelstrom of distraction. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with these challenges and a common reaction is to double down...

Josh Evans Advisor & Investor, former technical leader @Netflix & @GitHub


Sergey Kuksenko Java Performance Engineer @Oracle

Asynchronous API With CompletableFuture

What do you do day-to-day?

Making things faster is my primary goal. Not only by measuring not only providing some performance guidance, but also working on different projects.

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Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank

Building a Reliable Cloud Based Bank in Java

When you selected Java to build a modern, cloud-based architecture for Starling, is it correct to say that you went for the guarantee of Java's longevity rather than for the rapid iteration cycle you might get from a smaller, more opinionated language?

Yes, absolutely. Our aim and focus are much more long-term than many startups, and because of that, we are prioritizing the aspect of reliability. This goes to the heart of my talk. We want to guarantee stability because we will be around in years to come.

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Dmitry Martyanov Software Engineer @PayPal

CRDTs in Production

What's the focus of the work that you're doing today?

This project on CRDT was my first project at PayPal and I was part of PD platform team. This is a team on top of infrastructure which provides services which will be used by product development engineers. Our platform allows us to drive the product development aligned with existing infrastructure and at the same time, we need to be...

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Cindy Quach Site Reliability Engineer @Google

Stop Talking & Listen; Practices for Creating Effective Customer SLOs

What is the work you're doing today?

My job title is Site Reliability Engineer. I work to help scale services and systems to billions of users. But currently I'm in a different but similar role where I've taken that knowledge that I've gained at teams at Google. And now we take it and we try to help our customers google cloud customers, adopt these same...

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Ben Watson Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft focused on High-Performance .NET

You Can Build a World-Class Search Engine in .NET

What have you been up to since last time you were at QCon?

I still work a lot on performance and detail .NET stuff but my focus switched towards teaching others and getting other people on board with high performance .NET and techniques that we use to debug and and to improve performance.

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Christopher Woodruff Platform Strategist @QuickenLoans

Developing Great Web APIs Architectures w/ ASP.NET Core 2.1

What's the focus of the work that you do today?

Over the last five years, I've been busy getting solutions out to people. I work more on the backend doing API work, but that’s also meant I help mobile application and web application developers utilize the APIs I’m developing.

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