We've dedicated a whole track to Java in the latest years of QCon San Francisco. Watch these talks and discover a range of topics related to Java including an overview of what's changed between Java 8 and 12, the expanding capabilities of Local Variable Type Inference, the ability to execute single-file Java programs as scripts, and Graal - the new JIT compiler for the JVM. Expect new talks on Java at QCon San Francisco 2020 as well.

Past Presentations

Java 8 LTS to the Latest - a Performance & Responsiveness Prospective

If you are wondering as what Java JDK 8u LTS to JDK 11u LTS transition can do to your production deployment for performance and responsiveness, this talk is your perfect opportunity! Java runtimes are at the core of any business enterprise in cloud or on-prem and this track at QConSF plans to...

Monica Beckwith Java Champion, First Lego League Coach, passionate about JVM Performance @Microsoft
Anil Kumar Datacenter Performance Architect @Intel
Understand the Trade-Offs Using Compilers for Java Applications

The Java ecosystem has perhaps the most rich variety of native code compilation technologies of any language on the planet. We have Just In Time (JIT) compilers aggressively profiling and speculating on the state of a running program. There are Ahead of Time (AOT) compilers that generate code...

Mark Stoodley Eclipse OpenJ9 and OMR Project Lead @IBM
Fault Tolerance at Speed

Distributed systems providing fault tolerance often sacrifice performance. The sacrifice often happens late when a systems engineering approach is not taken. Performance is an inherent aspect of distributed design and should be considered holistically in the systems engineering process. A well...

Todd Montgomery Ex-NASA Researcher and High Performance Distributed Systems Whisperer
Parsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned

Our disks and networks can load gigabytes of data per second; we feel strongly that our software should follow suit. Thus we wrote what might be the fastest JSON parser in the world, simdjson. It can parse typical JSON files at speeds of over 2 GB/s on single commodity Intel core with full...

Daniel Lemire Professor and Department Chair @TELUQ - Université du Québec
Kotlin: Write Once, Run (Actually) Everywhere

So there's this effort called Kotlin Multi-Platform, which is what this talk is about. It's taking this language that was built for a very specific purpose, and the realization that actually it can run on more than one platform, and there's this sentence that comes from Java which is, “write...

Jake Wharton Android Engineer @Google
Building a Reliable Cloud Based Bank in Java

Consumer banking is a risk adverse industry when it comes to new technology. So how do you build a bank in the cloud with a rapid release cycle while still maintaining the reliability that consumers need?This talk will be about the experience of Starling Bank, a mobile-only, cloud-based bank that...

Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank


Brian Martin Software Developer @Twitter

High Resolution Performance Telemetry at Scale

What's the goal of the talk?

We're going to talk about the challenges of measuring performance at scale especially in a distributed microservice architecture. A web request is hundreds of milliseconds. Having a lot of traditional telemetry collection happens at much coarser time scales and a lot of that is due to the cost of aggregation and processing those...

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Daniel Lemire Professor and Department Chair @TELUQ - Université du Québec

Parsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned

What is the work you're doing today?

I work on software performance from what I call a data engineering point of view. These are the kind of problems that interest me. You start with large volumes of data and processing the data itself is the bottleneck or indexing the data or crunching it or whatever you want to do with the data. 

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Alina Yurenko Developer Advocate for GraalVM @Oracle

JIT vs AOT Performance With GraalVM

What are the goals you have for the talk?

I want to offer an additional point of view on performance. Performance is something people often talk about but often focus on one or two metrics, and there might be more ways to look at it, and additional opportunities to optimize. We will go through some additional metrics, discuss how they are connected, and how you can optimize...

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Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank

Building a Reliable Cloud Based Bank in Java

When you selected Java to build a modern, cloud-based architecture for Starling, is it correct to say that you went for the guarantee of Java's longevity rather than for the rapid iteration cycle you might get from a smaller, more opinionated language?

Yes, absolutely. Our aim and focus are much more long-term than many startups, and because of that, we are prioritizing the aspect of reliability. This goes to the heart of my talk. We want to guarantee stability because we will be around in years to come.

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Marius Pirvu Advisory Software Developer @IBM

Performance Beyond Throughput:An OpenJ9 Case Study

What is the focus of your work today?

For the past 14 years I've been working on Java JIT compiler development at IBM. However, I am not your typical compiler guy because I don't focus that much on code generator or optimizer. Instead I deal with heuristics that determine what methods to compile, when to compile them and how much to optimize them. With Java, and any other...

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Roman Elizarov Software Engineer Developing Kotlin @JetBrains

Fresh Async With Kotlin

What is the primary role that you have with Kotlin at JetBrains?

I'm currently leading the team of Kotlin libraries. We are working in close cooperation with Kotlin language team, the design, etc..

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