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ETL is dead; long-live streams

What happens if you take everything that is happening in your company—every click, every database change, every application log—and make it all available as a real-time stream of well-structured data? I will discuss the experience at LinkedIn and elsewhere moving from batch-oriented ETL to...

Neha Narkhede Co-Creator Apache Kafka/Co-founder and CTO @Confluent
Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases With Apache Kafka & Debezium

Debezium (noun | de·be·zi·um | /dɪ:ˈbɪ:ziːəm/) - Secret Sauce for Change Data CaptureApache Kafka is a highly popular option for asynchronous event propagation between microservices. Things get challenging though when adding a service’s database to the picture: How...

Gunnar Morling Open Source Software Engineer @RedHat
Kafka Needs No Keeper

We have been served well by Zookeeper over the years, but it is time for Kafka to stand on its own. This is a talk on the ongoing effort to replace the use of Zookeeper in Kafka: why we want to do it and how it will work. We will discuss the limitations we have found and how Kafka benefits both...

Colin McCabe Software Engineer @confluentinc


Gunnar Morling Open Source Software Engineer @RedHat

Practical Change Data Streaming Use Cases With Apache Kafka & Debezium

What do you want people to leave the talk with?

Three things, mostly. One touches a bit on the outbox pattern. Friends don't let friends do dual writes. That's one of the points I would like to talk about. The next one, people should get an understanding of what it is in there for them if they would use the change data capture. What are the use cases? How could they benefit...

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