Past Presentations

Using Data to Measure Risk in Cyber Systems

Risk analysis in cyber systems remains an immature field with significant potential. Despite widespread belief that cyber can't be quantified, the tools and data already exist to significantly improve risk management. In this talk, we'll review the literature on risk quantification and discuss...

Marshall Kuypers Director of Cyber Risk @QadiumInc
Taking the Canary Out of the Coal Mine

In this talk, we'll discuss how canaries can take all shapes and sizes: Web servers, network devices, cloud instances, and numerous token variants. We'll dig into what actually is a canary, modern canary tools and services, how deploying canaries will provide an early warning against even the...

Mike Ruth Staff Security Engineer @Cruise Automation
Reducing Risk of Credential Compromise @Netflix

Building a secure system is like constructing a good pizza – each individual layer adds flavor that ultimately builds to the perfect bite. At Netflix we have hand-crafted ingredients that by themself are scrumptious, but when placed together strategically on the crust (read: cloud), constructs...

William Bengtson Security Researcher, Leader, Advisor @Netflix
Travis McPeak Sr. Cloud Security Engineer @Netflix
How to Use Encryption for Defense in Depth in Native and Browser Apps

Encryption is one of the most effective technical security measures. It massively reduces the impact and cost of a data breach. But encryption is typically focused on “infrastructure-level” elements like TLS and full-disk encryption. These are important tools, but they rely on...

Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist
Security Culture: Why You Need One and How to Create It

Strong cultures permeate people’s mentality and the way that they behave, their receptiveness to new ideas and thoughts, and their motivation to do security tasks.  Organizations with a positive security culture have immense capability to build resilient products and reduce security...

Masha Sedova Co-Founder @hello_Elevate


Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

Abstractions to Help Developers Write Good Crypto

Tell us about what you are doing.

Tozny is a cryptography company that builds software tools for computer programmers. Just as cryptography is difficult for end users, cryptography software tools for developers are quite challenging too. Our focus is to make those tools easier to use for developers.

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Isaac Potoczny-Jones Founder @Tozny & Authentication and Privacy Specialist

How to Use Encryption for Defense in Depth in Native and Browser Apps

What is the work you're doing today?

I work at the company I founded, Tozny. We are an encryption and cybersecurity company primarily focused on application layer and end-to-end encryption. The idea is how do we use these types of tools to build more security and privacy directly in the applications.

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Natalie Silvanovich Security Researcher @Google

Small Is Beautiful: How to Improve Security by Maintaining Less Code

Please introduce yourself.

I'm Natalie Silvanovich and I'm on a team called Project Zero at Google. Our team's mission is to make zero day vulnerabilities less accessible to attackers. The biggest thing I do is find vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed so that they're not available to attackers. And I've done this in all sorts of...

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