Engineering an API First Product

The technical decisions that go into the development of an application for the web are broad and complex. When all of the underlying APIs for that app will also be exposed to developers in the form of APIs, additional levels of complexity are introduced and the fundamental process for making engineering decisions changes. In this session, I’ll share lessons learned from building Courier, an API-first product for notifications. Topics covered will include: - starting at the whiteboard - writing docs before code - choosing the right level of abstraction


Troy Goode

Founder & Ceo @Courier

Troy Goode is the founder & CEO of Courier, the Y Combinator-backed startup that powers user notifications for software companies like Lattice, LaunchDarkly, & UserVoice. Before Courier, he helped lead Eloqua’s engineering team through IPO and acquisition by Oracle. He lives in San Francisco with his spouse, three children, and a rapidly growing board game collection.

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Monday Oct 24 / 04:10PM PDT ( 50 minutes )




Application Programming Interface Architecture Development Infrastructure Engineering Microservices


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