Navigating Complex Environments and Evolving Relationships

Organizations evolve. Industry tools and practices change. Individuals have a wide array of opportunities. As leaders, we have to navigate ambiguity, and provide structure for individuals to support their growth, while also enabling a group of individuals to come together and align to deliver business value. There is no perfect path to help build a team that is optimized for every context that can weather each change. But, there are practices and tools you can adopt to support your teams' journey towards team flow. 

In this talk, I will share my people-centric approach to building teams with individuals that engage, connect, align and support one another to deliver value in a sustainable manner. You'll walk away with some tips that you can implement (as well as the context as to when to apply them) in three key areas:

  • Functional Leadership - Different situations require different kinds of leadership. You need to enable the right kind of leadership at different moments in time. How do you enable individuals to embrace their leadership capabilities?

  • Boundary Setting - What boundaries do you need to set that support the individuals and the team? How do you enforce the boundaries? 

  • Learning and Adaptability - How do you make time for people to not only learn, but share what they've learned so the rest of the team can make sense of the decisions they've made and the team as a whole can adapt to this knowledge? 


Tuesday Oct 25 / 04:10PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A


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