AMA: Optimizing Teams

Transformation is needed and hard. Many companies have had starts and stops, made great progress, made limited progress, had major and minor setbacks and some haven’t even started. We work in complex systems and environments and looking for a checklist or playbook for success will often lead to frustration. Every organization is different and it’s not a one size fits all. All of these panelists have been part of major transformations in ways of working and focus on building strong teams optimized for delivering flow of value to customers. You will have the opportunity to ask them about their experiences and what they’ve seen work and not work. Come with your questions about culture, leadership, technical practices, processes and other factors you’re curious about hearing this expert panel answer. You may not leave with a checklist but you will leave with an understanding of how these leaders have navigated the complexity and come up with tactics and techniques depending on the challenge they are facing.




Asif Iqbal

Global Director, Digital & Experience Design @Alimentation Couche-Tard

Dad | Visionary and innovative leader with 20 years of experience successfully leading large digital transformation and technology strategies across businesses in wireless, retail, omni-channel, eCommerce, digital, entertainment, and data science domains.

Loved to travel with my son and have been to 53 countries.

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Tuesday Oct 25 / 05:25PM PDT

Most of us can’t remember how we worked before the pandemic hit. I remember I used to catch a train to get to work every day at Nike’s European headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands. We were already a distributed team and had a fantastic infrastructure to connect with colleagues worldwide.

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Mehnaaz Abidi

Vice President Product, Runtastic @adidas, Previously @Nike @Tesco and @Amazon

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Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow

Tuesday Oct 25 / 10:35AM PDT

Do you find yourself asking how do we ensure teams are aligned, working together, and delivering value to the organization all while continuing to find optimization opportunities over time? How do we build intentional resilience, predictability and agility?

Speaker image - Collette Tauscher

Collette Tauscher

Director of Supply Chain Strategy @Columbia1938

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Modeling Patterns for Digital Transformation

Tuesday Oct 25 / 11:50AM PDT

Digital transformation is not about new cool technologies, it’s a mindset shift and requires the awareness and understanding of customer needs.

Speaker image - Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal

Global Director, Digital & Experience Design @Alimentation Couche-Tard


Navigating Complex Environments and Evolving Relationships

Tuesday Oct 25 / 04:10PM PDT

Organizations evolve. Industry tools and practices change. Individuals have a wide array of opportunities.

Speaker image - Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

Engineering Manager @Google


Unconference: Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow

Tuesday Oct 25 / 02:55PM PDT

What is an unconference? At QCon SF, we’ll have unconferences in most of our tracks.

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Shane Hastie

Global Delivery Lead for SoftEd and Lead Editor for Culture & Methods at