Welcome to QCon, San Francisco, US

Conference: Nov 7-9, 2007
Tutorials: Nov 5-6, 2007

See our tracks and speakers.

Wiki & Thursday night BOFS
Check out our conference wiki at qcon.editme.com, & organize a BOF on the evening of the 8th.

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Some of our speakers

M. Fowler
Refactoring, Analysis Patterns

Kent Beck
First software patterns, XP, xUnit

Rod Johnson
Spring Creator

Dan Pritchett
eBay Architect

Eric Evans
Domain Driven Design

Jean-Luc Vaillant
Linked-In CTO

Jutta Eckstein
Agile in Large

Erik Meijer
Creator, LINQ

Linda Rising
Global Presenter

Tracks at QConSF

Challenges in Agile (and how to overcome them)
Agile Challenges, Large-scale teams, evolutionary DB's, Retrospectives

Architecture Quality
Modifiability, Product Lines, Latency, Domain-Driven Design, Performance and Scalability, architects/marketects, Architecture Patterns

Architectures you've always wondered about
Linked-In, Yahoo!, eBay, Second Life, and Orbitz architecture case studies

Bleeding Edge .NET
REST with WCF, XML & LINQ in VB9, EDM & eSQL, Acropolis

Connecting SOA and the Web: How much REST do we need?
REST & SOA, Internet Scale Integration, REST & WS Myths

Five Things I Wish I Learned In College
Research technologies that may be disruptive in 10-20 years

Emerging Client Technologies
Silverlight vs. JavaFX/Consumer JRE vs. Adobe Flex/AIR vs. Google's Ajax RIA stack

Java Emerging technologies
JRuby, Grails, Server-side OSGi, DSL development, Batch Processing

The Rise of Ruby
Learn how to best take advantage of what Ruby has to offer

Java in action
Concurrency, Spring Configuration, AOP in the Enterprise, TestNG, Future of Java

Practical Security for Application Developers