Presentation: "Introduction: Agility as a Craft"

Time: Thursday 10:20 - 10:30

Location: Stanford

Abstract: This track will explore the concept of software development as a craft and why that is so appealing to the agile community. Speakers will address the concept of software craft, agility as a craft, and becoming a master craftsman.

Dion Stewart

 Dion  Stewart Dion Stewart is an independent software developer and agile coach. He has long held the view that software development is a craft. Prior to starting his career as a professional developer he spent a year in retreat on a residential Guitar Craft seminar. His view of software development as a craft is strongly influenced by the values and principles he learned while studying guitar as a Guitar Craft participant. He has a Masters degree in Software Engineering and undergraduate degrees in Music and English Literature. His work as a professional software developer is also influenced by his study of Zen philosophy and Tai Chi.