Presentation: "Navigating The Rapids: Real-world Lessons in Adopting Agile"

Time: Friday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Stanford


This talk will investigate some of the technical issues that you may encounter when moving to an Agile process. How will your codebase react to an increasing level of change? How can you get your software into production more frequently? What kind of tools can you use to make the transition as smooth as possible? How can you merge frequent releases of your application with other, less agile teams? If you're not writing lots of specification documents, are there things you can do to get your system documenting itself?

Drawing on real-world experience (both successes and failures), I will talk through concrete examples of technical approaches and tools that can help guide your team through the rapids of Agile adoption.

This talk is for anyone involved in a transition to Agile--whether they're about to start, mid-transition, or want to improve their current practice. It assumes some familiarity with Agile concepts, without being tied to any particular methodology.

Sam Newman

 Sam  Newman

Sam Newman is a technical consultant at ThoughtWorks, where he has been for over five years. He has worked with a variety of companies in both delivery and enablement roles, but tends to prefer the more complex technical challenges over coaching roles.

He has written articles of O'Reilly, presented at conferences, and sporadically commits to open source projects. Principally a Java developer, he also spends lots of time with Scala, Python, Javascript, and build systems that hate him.