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Adam Wiggins, Heroku co-founder, RestClient Author

 Adam  Wiggins Adam Wiggins is an entrepreneur, Rubyist, open source advocate, and - let's be honest here - a serious bad-ass. His current venture is Heroku, the instant deployment platform for Ruby and Rails. He blogs about technology and business at: http://adam.blog.heroku.com/

Presentation: "Architecting for the Cloud: Horizontal Scalability via Transient, Shardable, Share-Nothing Resources"

Time: Thursday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Metropolitan Ballroom


Taking advantage of cloud computing requires a subtle but significant shift in how we think about server resources. Adam Wiggins, cofounder and lead architect for Heroku, has been facing these issues daily for the last two years: Heroku was one of the first companies to utilize a 100% cloud-based infrastructure. Today, Heroku hosts over 30,000 Ruby/Rails applications. Adam will take you through the lessons we've learned along the way from running such a large and diverse base of applications.

Focus will be on the philosophical / architectural aspects, but specific technology examples used to illustrate the concepts will include Memcached, AMQP, Erlang, CouchDB, Varnish, and the good old fashioned Unix process space.