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David Chappell, Chief Technologist of Oracle SOA

 David  Chappell

David Chappell is vice president and chief technologist for SOA at Oracle Corporation, and is driving the vision for Oracle's SOA on App Grid initiative. Chappell has 25 years of experience in the software industry covering a broad range of roles in leading edge architecture, and spends much of his time of late working with IT leaders to define new strategies for Service Oriented Applications that scale reliably and predictably in corporate cloud environments. He is well known worldwide for his writings and public lectures on the subjects of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), service grid, the enterprise service bus (ESB), message oriented middleware (MOM), enterprise integration, and is a co-author of many advanced Web Services standards.

As author of several books including the O'Reilly Enterprise Service Bus book, Dave has had tremendous impact on redefining the shape and definition of service infrastructure. He has extensive experience in distributed computing infrastructure, including ESB, SOA Governance, application server infrastructure, JMS and MOM, EAI, CORBA, and COM.

Chappell and his works have received many industry awards including the "Java™ Technology Achievement Award" from JavaPro magazine for "Outstanding Individual Contribution to the Java Community", and the CRN Magazine "Top 10 IT leaders" award for "casting larger-than-life shadow over the industry".

Presentation: "Next Generation Service Orientation: The Grid, The Cloud, and the Bus"

Time: Friday 09:00 - 09:45

Location: To be announced


As IT organizations across the globe work towards delivering their SOA projects, concerns still linger on how to best provide performance, scalability, and availability for their SOA based applications. Fortunately, a new generation of technology innovations is changing the game of how we think about architecting distributed computing architectures.

Join David Chappell, Oracle’s Vice President and Chief Technologist for SOA, at his discussion of how grid technology, combined with service-orientation principles and virtualization techniques, can enable the next generation of service-oriented architecture. Using specific patterns and techniques, next generation grid-based, service-oriented application architectures can achieve predictable scalability and high availability in public and private cloud environments.