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Glenn Vanderburg, Early adopter of Ruby

 Glenn  Vanderburg Glenn Vanderburg is a consultant at Relevance focused on cutting-edge software development technologies and techniques, including Ruby, JavaScript, Ajax, and state-of-the-art development practices.

Presentation: "A Skeptical View of Language Workbenches"

Time: Friday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: City

Abstract: Programmers who are interested in DSLs are getting excited about the class of new programming tools called "language workbenches". Companies including JetBrains, Intentional Software, and Microsoft are introducing tools for designing and building external DSLs with rich tool support. Some of these tools are truly impressive, supporting visual languages of various kinds and parallel, isomorphic representations of the same underlying semantics. But I confess that I'm skeptical. In this talk I'll explain why I think language workbenches will see limited use, confined to a small percentage of projects where their benefits outweigh their costs.