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Jeremy Grelle

 Jeremy  Grelle Jeremy Grelle is a senior software engineer with SpringSource who specializes in bringing the cutting-edge techniques of web application development to the Java and Spring ecosystems, and is the technical lead of the Spring JavaScript, Spring Faces, and Spring BlazeDS Integration projects. He is a software artisan with extensive experience in combining server-side Java with the latest web browser technologies to deliver a rich and usable experience for the end user on the web, and he represents SpringSource on the JSR-314 Expert Group for JSF 2.0. Jeremy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as JavaOne, The Spring Experience, SpringOne, JSFOne, TheServerSide Java Symposium, and Java and Flex user group events, and always enjoys getting out and showing his fellow developers the possibilities of what can be created with Spring and its wealth of complimentary web technologies.

Presentation: "Spring: Paving The Way for Continuous Innovation"

Time: Wednesday 11:45 - 12:45

Location: City


The 3.0 release of the de facto standard Spring Framework continues its mission of making it easy to create lightweight, modular, testable, and easily scalable applications on the Java platform. It is an evolution of the core principles upon which Spring was founded, building upon its solid foundation while fully embracing modern approaches such as the pragmatic use of Java 5+ annotations to reduce XML configuration and providing a simple means to build truly RESTful web applications. While these new features are exciting on their own, the core framework also serves as the platform around which a continuous rate of innovation can be seen throughout the entire Spring ecosystem. Projects such as Spring Roo, Spring BlazeDS Integration, and SpringSource dm Server continue to expand the limits of achievable productivity with the Java language.

In this session, after briefly introducing the core concepts of the technologies involved, we will jump right in and use Spring Roo to quickly build a fully functioning application that ties all of these pieces together. Along the way, you will learn how to:

* Use Spring 3.0 to build RESTful web applications that expose multiple representations of resources

* Plug in Spring BlazeDS Integration to easily connect your Spring services to a rich Flex front-end

* Take advantage of Spring Roo to boost productivity and rapidly bootstrap a fully functioning application with Spring best practices baked in