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Michael Feathers, Object Mentor

 Michael  Feathers Michael Feathers is a consultant with Object Mentor. He balances his time between working with, training and coaching various teams around the world. Prior to joining Object Mentor, Michael designed a proprietary programming language and wrote a compiler for it, he also designed a large multi-platform class library and a framework for instrumentation control. Publically, Michael developed Cppunit, the initial port of JUnit to C++, and FitCpp, a C++ port of the FIT integrated-test framework. Michael is also the author of the book 'Working Effectively with Legacy Code' (Prentice Hall 2004).

Presentation: "Programming on the Right Side of the Brain"

Time: Thursday 11:45 - 12:45

Location: Stanford

Abstract: You can't spend much time in the industry without realizing that there are many different levels of talent. Some people seem like they are born programmers, and others struggle. In this talk, Michael Feathers will explore the idea that very good programmers just see software differently. They notice different things in problems and solutions, and these things that they notice give them a strong intuition about what is right or wrong in context. If we study these differences in perception, we may be able to short-circuit the traditional "trial and error" educational process and make it easier for people to move toward mastery.