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Rebecca Rikner

 Rebecca  Rikner Rebecca is an award winning graphic designer and successful entrepreneur (she started her first design company at the age of 21). Her interests have expanded to include application of design principles to areas as diverse as web-sites, interactive events (she organized the highly successful patterns conference - The Design Pattern Roadshow), organizational structures, and business processes. Rebecca has extensive international experience, consulting on projects and organizing events in Scandinavia, India, Japan, and the U.S. She holds an Executive MBA degree from the prestigious Stockholm School of Economics.

Presentation: "Designing Your IT and Business"

Time: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30

Location: City

Abstract: An enterprise is a composition of elements (both human and automated) and relationships (both static and dynamic). Putting together an enterprise requires making decisions about what elements to include, what those elements should look like, what relationships should be established to optimize business processes, what relationships should be established for communication and to provide overall structure. Enterprise composition is an "act of design." But most companies make design decisions in a purely ad hoc way, leading to inefficient and sub-optimal enterprises. Rebecca will introduce some fundamental principles of design and show how they can be applied to the successful design of an entire enterprise, its components, and the processes upon which it relies.