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Tim Moore

 Tim  Moore

Tim Moore is a developer at Atlassian, where he works on technologies to integrate Atlassian's development and collaboration tools with each other and with other enterprise applications.

He specializes in the design, construction, and evangelism of plug-in APIs and other extension mechanisms for opening up enterprise applications to third-party developers. Prior to working at Atlassian, he held software engineering positions at Blackboard, Learning Objects, and Salesforce.com.

In his most recent project at Atlassian, Tim serves as a tech lead for the Atlassian Gadgets project, which uses technology adopted from the OpenSocial effort for enterprise application integration. In this capacity, he has worked with other members of the OpenSocial community to help refine this open specification, originally intended for use by social networks, into something useful for development teams and other business users.

Tim has a web site at incrementalism.net

Presentation: "Opensocial in the Enterprise"

Time: Thursday 11:45 - 12:45

Location: Concordia

Abstract: OpenSocial has mostly focused on consumery stuff - Ning, MySpace, Orkut - and that's cool, but it has great potential behind the firewall. Atlassian is leading the charge here, using OpenSocial to help our products exchange data and components, and opening the door to new types of interoperability between enterprise and consumer systems.