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Torrey Rice, VP of User Experience, SitePen (Dojo)

 Torrey  Rice As Director of User Experience and the first employee of SitePen, Torrey oversees all UI and visual design and has been at the core of SitePen's success since the beginning. Self-taught, Torrey has a keen understanding of both development and interaction design. His ability to assess and design for technical limitations makes him an invaluable asset to the SitePen team.

Presentation: "The Present and Future of Web App Design"

Time: Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Olympic


The sudden rise of Ajax kicked off the Web 2.0 revolution, catching a lot of people by surprise and leaving companies scrambling to catch up. Designers can now create more compelling user experiences, enabling people to communicate and contribute as never before. Web technologies and great design are finally able to come together and provide users with web applications that are fast, easy to use, and available everywhere from their desktop to their pocket.

In this talk we will explore the elements of a great user experience and how advances in web technologies will change the way we create and deliver web applications.