Presentation: "Agile Does Not guarantee Value creation"

Time: Wednesday 16:50 - 17:50

Location: Stanford Room


Shocked? Good! Time for self-reflection (hansei, If you are a lean enthusiast). In this talk, we will discuss how agile methods could very likely just result in the creation of fast, cheap, high quality waste.  Yes, the argument is that agile itself has little to do with the generation of value. Years of using Scrum and XP have demonstrated that no matter how good you are at them there’s a very real possibility that you’ll be delivering the wrong software. Fortunately principles from Lean and ValIT provide us with complementary techniques that help us understand how value is perceived by the customer, look at the entire value stream and create a dialogue between IT and the business.

This is easy to say, but how do you actually achieve it? Based on a Lean transformation case study, we will explore how Agile and Lean Product development initiatives ended up changing an entire organization, extending to HR, finance and admin and marketing, ultimately creating a culture of Lean thinking that permeates the entire value-stream. . Bring your thoughts and speak up, we're here to advance agile and Lean through thoughtful debate, not to read textbooks aloud.

Target audience: Anyone that wants to go beyond Agile bread-and-butter and make a bigger business impact

Keywords: agile development, agile methodologies, lean software development, lean IT, lean transformation, application outsourcing, scrum, business value, Val-IT, value engineering, business agility, value stream, Ci&T


Leonardo Mattiazzi, Business Leader fostering Lean SW Development

 Leonardo  Mattiazzi

In his 14 years at Ci&T, Leonardo has witnessed and actively participated in a full-length trajectory consisting of growth, stumbling, success, transformation, and above all, intensive learning. First, it was the adoption and cultivation of RUP, on which the company erected its CMMI-5 certification, its process-oriented culture, its communities of practice, its competitive advantages and its international exposure. It continued with the unsolicited shock of agile, a clash of passions, the failure of the short-sighted to embrace the new methodology. At this point still missing a clear connection, Leonardo and his colleagues immersed themselves in a quest for business agility, seeking for true value generation. Then with the syncing of hearts and minds, the paradigm shifting from RUP to Agile, early failures were replaced by unassailable successes, for the awe of the skeptical. Following the corporate roll-out, came the realization of Agile methodologies’ shortcomings, the embracement of Lean as a state of mind and the continuous focus on learning from experience, at the gemba. It is from this rich environment that Leonardo distills his thought-provoking ideas.

Leonardo has a regular Lean-focused podcast series on iTunes, and blogs about Lean topics at industry outlets that include the CIO Blog and IDG Connect.