Presentation: "Scaling Up by Scaling Down: Successful Agile Adoption in the Large by Focusing on the Individual"

Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Olympic Room

Abstract: Over these years I’ve had a growing suspicion which has actually become a certainty regarding the success of Agile adoption. I have found that successful Agile adoption efforts are not primarily based on the practices - and actually not even the "team." I’ve come to believe that the number one reason for the success of any Agile adoption efforts are the individuals themselves - their skills and personalities. It is also the number one reason for failure and mediocre results. All other aspects of successful Agile adoptions – and the accompanying software development practices - are actually of secondary importance. After all - how do we move a team forward - if the individual members of a team have a hard time understanding the role of personal responsibility in overall success? The level of personal responsibility of each team member will certainly affect the overall success of the enterprise. In this session - we will explore the ways that individual responsibility can help or hinder Agile development efforts and how our lack of focus on the human dynamics of software development can and does undercut any potential for success. Audience (Who Should Attend):  All team members will benefit from this presentation. Managers, Developers, Testers - everyone is welcome!

Amr Elssamadisy

 Amr  Elssamadisy Amr Elssamadisy is a software development practitioner who helps his clients build better software that is more valuable to their organizations. Amr and his colleagues at Gemba Systems deliver immediate and lasting results for clients needing to build software systems better, faster, and more reliably.

Amr's technical background and experience allows him to appreciate the problems of and support development teams 'in the trenches'.   At the same time, he realizes that most problems - even in software - are people problems, and therefore are not solved by tools and technology.  Amr and his colleagues at Gemba Systems work with organizations to deliver systematic managed adoption programs that go beyond learning a methodology to create ownership and passion in pursuit of business results.  In the chaos of the real world, he and Gemba deliver on the promise of lean and agile software development.

Amr is also the author of Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success and Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: The Technical Cluster.  Amr is also lead editor for the AgileQ at InfoQ and a frequent presenter at software development conferences. You can reach him by sending an email to