Presentation: "The Role of Hypermedia and the future of Web integration"

Time: Wednesday 12:05 - 13:05

Location: City Room


After one month of getting a service published, there are some changes to be made: the human process reflected by your code needs an update, and you soon realize all of your clients do, too. Your IT department falls into disbelief every time an update is required. Within your company, any change to a central system creates extra complexity and high maintenance costs: the decoupling we have promised ourselves during the past few years, and the architectural design of our solution, does not seem to become a reality in the near future.

Although we currently achieve decoupling to a certain level, our costs are still high. Is it fine to keep up with such maintenance costs?

In this session we will present some situations when the use of hypermedia help us get out of evolution hell and into the future of web integration. How can simple executions and goal-based engines that can map our business process help us in practice? How the web and decentralized control systems will help us build the next generation of integrated systems over the web?

On the way, some of the key aspects of the REST architecture style will appear, applied in specific situations, where it's easier to understand its value for a network based architecture.

It is not just about resting, but web integration evolution."

Keywords: REST, REST Constraints, Hypermedia, Interop

Guilherme Silveira, Creator of Restfulie and Editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil

 Guilherme  Silveira
Guilherme Silveira is head instructor at Caelum, a training and consulting company.  He is the creator of Restfulie, editorial chief of InfoQ Brazil, technical editor for a brazilian magazine, co-founder of the largest online portuguese speaking java user group.

After several years fighting against tight coupling, Guilherme came across REST and finally understood how hypermedia could help us avoiding the client-must-be-updated mess.

Currently writing and recording a Rest from Scratch series showing how to create REST systems using hypermedia in its core in every language Restfulie supports so far: ruby, java and .net.