Presentation: "Yes, SQL!"

Time: Thursday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: City Room

Abstract: This session will focus on how the classic querying models like plain SQL and JPA map to distributed data stores.
We will first review the current distributed data stores landscape and how various storage models, and then discuss the wide range of APIs for data extraction from these data stores.
Finally, we will discuss the main challenges of mapping SQL to a distributed data model and how various data stores tackle it.

Uri Cohen, Gigaspaces Product Mgr

 Uri  Cohen

Uri has been with GigaSpaces for 3 and half years, first serving as a customer solutions architect and later on as product manager, his current role. He is responsible for gathering and articulating product requirements, driving product releases and conducting product marketing activities to customers and prospects. He often speaks at industry conferences and GigaSpaces user events.

Uri has an accumulated nearly 10 years’ experience in architecting, implementing, tuning and deploying large-scale enterprise systems. His main areas of expertise are enterprise Java, distributed computing and, naturally, GigaSpaces. In his spare time, Uri enjoys hanging out with his 2 young daughters, perhaps the only two people in the world who really understand hi