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Andy Gross, Basho Technologies

 Andy  Gross
Andy is a distributed systems nerd and VP of Engineering at Basho Technologies, the company behind the Riak distributed data store. Before Riak, Andy hacked on various distributed systems at Mochi Media, Apple Computer, and Akamai Technologies

Presentation: "Building Blocks for Amazon Dynamo Style Distributed Systems"

Track: NoSQL

Time: Thursday 14:05 - 15:05

Location: Stanford Room

Abstract: Based on the experience building Riak a distributed key-value store, Andy Gross, Basho's VP of Engineering, will showcase how Riak's core can be used to create Amazon "Dynamo Style Systems using riak's distributed systems layer, which provides primitive data types and protocols - vector clocks, merkle trees, plugabble virtual node modules, a soft-state gossip protocol, cluster membership/liveness checking, and dynamo-style consistent hashing based dispatch.