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Collin Jackson, Asst. Research Professor, CMU

 Collin  Jackson

Collin Jackson is an assistant research professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley campus. His research focuses on the security of browsers and web applications. Previously, Collin worked for Google, improving the security and privacy of the Google Chrome browser. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Presentation: "The Problem with the Browser"

Time: Thursday 10:35 - 11:35

Location: Concordia Room


The Web continues to grow in popularity as platform for retail transactions, financial services, and rapidly evolving forms of communication. Browsers are designed to protect these web applications from attack, but the technologies they rely on (cookies, HTTPS, and the same-origin policy) have many known limitations. This talk with discuss why these technologies have become so popular, how they can fail, and what we can do about it.